Sylbert supports you in your efficiency
and organisation issues

The success of our collaboration depends on training that is adapted to the challenges of your organisation. Thanks to our expertise, we can assess and provide the necessary skills for your talents to propel your teams to unparalleled efficiency.


Evaluation. Solution. Training.

Training is an investment for organisations, but also a sign of confidence for your employees. It is a real asset in times of recruitment or labour shortages.

So for both company and employees to win, you need to find the right training for each need. 

The first step we recommend is to call or schedule a meeting with our sales consultants. They will take the time to talk with you and direct you to the right course. 

What we can also offer you:

  • Assessment of your employees’ needs or knowledge tests
  • Our Diagnosis and impact plan service
Plan a meeting

Assistance based on trust and transparency

 From the very first exchange, you will have a dedicated advisor. This will be your main point of contact with us. She will recommend the right courses or services to you. And she will follow you throughout your training projects. Because yes… we guarantee you full support! 

We often say: “Our mission is to make your life easier and save you time”. This applies to our participants, but also to you. We take care of everything!


Our solutions are geared
towards the current challenges facing organisations.

Our best source of inspiration for our methods, is you!
We develop our solutions based on your realities and challenges.

Methodological training

adapted to the new issues facing organisations (remote collaboration, SharePoint architectures, data processing and automation, etc.)

Training courses

to acquire a complete know-how.

Diagnosis and impact plan

Are you short of time or resources? With our expertise, we assess the needs and skills of your teams and your organisation to propose a customised training plan.

The Collaborative Work Ecosystem

An intuitive SharePoint architecture developed for your organisation to improve document management and collaborative work on Teams.

Julia Platform

An LMS platform to simplify the planning and management of all your training in one place.


Course formats that focus on quality and the learner.

Whether online or in-house, our courses have the same format.

Training at the learner's pace.

We prioritise listening and coaching to ensure the outcome of learning at the end of the course. (We invite you to consult our blog: how to choose a course that will lead to results)

The perfect combination of theory and practice.

We do a lot of practical exercises to assimilate the methods, and to promote the learning of these new skills.

Small groups of 7 people.

We focus on quality before quantity. Knowing the concepts is good; putting them into practice at the end of your training is better! This is a conscious choice of the company to guarantee quality. (We invite you to consult our blog: What is the ideal number of participants in a training course?)


And after the training?

We don't let you down: we continue to support you!

Each participant benefits from :

  • Post-training follow-up within 6 months of their training. You can book a 15-minute video conference call with one of our trainers to review a concept from the course.
  • A complete PDF guide with all the concepts and steps of the course. It is a good reference or refresher course.

And for companies?

Find your employees’ satisfaction ratings on the Julia Platform and measure the Sylbert effect with your participants. Your consultant will call you to review the entire mandate and recommend the next steps to explore for your teams.


Our motivation:
A WOW effect and peace of mind!

Were you satisfied with the Sylbert experience in general?

Then our mission is accomplished! You can encourage us by sharing your reviews on Google or by recommending us to a company that may need our services.

You were not convinced by our training courses?

We would like to keep you satisfied! That’s why we have a Satisfaction Guarantee. Just give us a try and compare. If the training did not live up to your expectations, you will only be charged on the value you feel you received from your training.

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