Become an expert in creating and configuring Microsoft Teams

Are you a Microsoft Teams super user or team owner looking to improve your team management and collaboration skills? You've come to the right place! Our advanced Teams training will help you understand Teams architecture, document management with SharePoint, managing teams and apps in Teams. You'll learn how to create and manage teams and documents, as well as add additional features to maximize collaboration and productivity. You will also be able to manage the permissions of internal and external members of your teams.

3 hours


7 participants

French - English

  • Teams
  • Collaboration
  • Company training
  • Online training
  • Private group training
  • Public training
  • Teams

What you will learn



With this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the information architecture of Teams (Microsoft 365 Groups, Team Sites, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Apply best practices for team management in Teams
  • Explore advanced features in Teams

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Our clients testify

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  • J'ai obtenu les bases nécessaires pour bien former les équipes et canaux sur Teams. Ceci permettra de repenser pour le mieux tout le travail de façon beaucoup plus collaborative.

    Participant anonyme au cours TEA-301

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