Centralize and organize your Information with OneNote

Many of us use a notebook to take notes. At first, it sounds like a great idea, but what happens when the information comes from files or websites, or if we want to add a photo to our notes? This is where OneNote software becomes the perfect solution for centralizing and organizing your information.

6 hours


7 participants

French - English

  • OneNote
  • Company training
  • Note-taking
  • OneNote
  • Online training
  • Organization
  • Private group training
  • Public training

What you will learn



With this training, participants will be able to:

  • Stop scattering your information by effectively organizing your notes and references in OneNote with the Sylbert method
  • Save time by harnessing the power of the search engine
  • Quickly create lists of tasks, items, follow-ups

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CPHR-approved training – nº5226

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Our clients testify

What could be better than the opinion of our participants who have experienced our courses.

  • Tous les membres de mon équipe ont adoré et sont 100% satisfaits. Daniel est un EXCELLENT pédagogue. Les outils fournis sont extraordinaires! On les utilise tous. Le programme de formation et la vitesse accordée à chaque module, 10/10 là aussi. Nous sommes maintenant de vraies adeptes de OneNote et ravies que ce dernier fasse maintenant partie de notre quotidien. Félicitations pour cet excellent travail!

    Michèle Tremblay

    Chargée de projet

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